How to install WNS: Black text plus APK at

The skin for Weather Notification. You must install the Weather Notification ( to use this app.

Displays the current temperature in the notification bar with BLACK digits. Adds PLUS sign before the digits for positive temperature.
Use this skin if your phone has a light notification bar (Android <=2.2) and you like pluses.

How to install WNS: White text APK at

The skin for Weather Notification. You must install the Weather Notification ( to use this app.

Displays the current temperature in the notification bar with WHITE digits.
Use this skin if your phone has a dark notification bar (Android >=2.3 or HTC Sense).

How to install WNS: Bigger text APK at

The skin for Weather Notification ( You must install the Weather Notification to use this app.
Displays the current temperature in the notification bar with large digits.
Use this skin on Android 4.x.

How to download WNS: White text plus APK at

The skin for Weather Notification. You must install the Weather Notification ( to use this app.

Displays the current temperature in the notification bar with WHITE digits. Adds PLUS sign before the digits for positive temperature.
Use this skin if your phone has a dark notification bar (Android >=2.3 or HTC Sense) and you like pluses.

How to install Air temperature in Omsk APK at

Android widget and notification icon which display air temperature in Omsk.

Useful for Omsk only!

Temperature and graphs are got from

How to download Hitzewarnung APK at

Die Hitzewarn-App vom Deutschen Wetterdienst (DWD), informiert Sie (automatisch) über bestehende Hitzewarnungen.
Es lassen sich bis zu zehn Landkreise als persönliche Favoriten auswählen, eine Ortsbestimmung per GPS-Ortung ist ebenfalls möglich.

- Hitzewarnungen auf Landkreisebene, bis zehn Landkreise selektierbar
- Push-Benachrichtigung

How to download Pollenflug-Gefahrenindex APK at

Der Deutsche Wetterdienst erstellt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stiftung Deutscher Polleninformationsdienst (PID) Vorhersagen zum Pollenflug-Gefahrenindex für acht allergologisch relevante Blütenpollen.
Mit Hilfe von GPS-Ortung, manueller Gebietsauswahl oder Postleitzahlensuche, können Sie sich ein Pollenfluggebiet als persönlichen Favorit auswählen und als Tabelle anzeigen lassen.

- Deutschlandweite Vorhersage für 2 Tage (Freitags 3 Tage)
- Vorhersagekarte auf Google Maps
- Widget zur Anzeige der Vorhersage des heutigen Tages für die ausgewählte Region

How to download DWD FlugWetter APK at

The App DWD Flugwetter is provided as an add-on to the DWD aviation weather pilots briefing website and contains in this first version the following partial content:

- Latest aviation weather overview for your area (within Germany)
- Graphical GAFOR
- LowLevel SIGWX chart Germany
- METAR and TAF (single report, location based search and flight routes)
- High resolution RADAR images of Germany and Europe

The App is provided free of charge, however access to the pc_met briefing system of the Deutscher Wetterdienst (subject to a fee) is required. No additional username or password is needed, you could use the same login as on

How to download FishWeather: Wind Conditions & Forecasts APK at

Fishweather is your #1 most trusted Fishing weather source. We deliver the Weather Where You Fish!

-FREE Weather Stations: Real-time wind reports from over 50,000 stations Worldwide.

-PRO Weather Stations: These are the ultimate Game-Changers! Since 1987, we deliver the finest Real-Time wind reports from hundreds of exclusive FishWeather PRO Weather Stations: built ultra heavy duty and maintained by our own engineers, and meteorologist sited for the highest possible quality of wind reports.

-FREE Forecasts: For anywhere on Earth. We deliver all of the leading global Forecast models to your fingertips.

-PLUS Forecasts: But when it comes to Forecast Models, ours is the master class edition: FishWeather's own WF-WRF proprietary Forecast Model cannot be beat.

-PRO Forecasts: These are simply the finest Wind forecasts available anywhere! Since 1987, our staff of Meteorologists provide highly-accurate, in-depth PRO Forecast Discussions -- drawing upon our extensive local forecasting experience, which allows us to pinpoint in detailed text exactly what to expect in your region.

-Exclusive Nowcast Wind Reports for thousands of top Fishing hotspots worldwide.

-Plug in to our legendary Wind Alerts: to know when the wind hits your pre-determined thresholds.

-Create your own Favorites list: to keep a constant eye on your go-to weather stations.

-Onsite Reports from fishermen worldwide
-Tide Reports
-Radar / Precip Map
-Satellite / Clouds Map
-Forecast Map
-Nautical Charts
-Full Website: You also have access to

How to download Weather Offline APK at

Weather Offline 2017

The new Weather Offline Android app provides the world's most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition to interactive radar, satellite maps and severe weather alerts. Powered by our unique community of weather enthusiasts reporting live data from weather stations in their own backyards, this crowd-sourced data generates forecasts targeted to your precise location.

Prepare for your day with the most accurate hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Stunning Flickr photos match your location, time of day, and current conditions.


- Get all the details: wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation.
- See animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules.
- Browse interactive maps: radar, satellite, heat, and snow.
- Track all your favorite cities and destinations!
- Status Bar Notification: Displays the current temperature and weather information
- Home screen: Drag the widget to the Home screen to display the weather information for the day and the current time, depending on your current location or the selected location
- Forecasts: Weather forecast for the next 5 days
- You can add any of the different cities and view the weather in these cities
- Easy to use widgets
- Complete set of functions, you can set the refresh rate of weather information, whether in the status bar shows the weather notice
- Display visibility
- Accuracy of sunrise and sunset
- Show humidity and wind speed, give you better travel tips
- Display yesterday's temperature and can be used as a reference for today's temperature
- Shows wind, humidity, high and low temperature and wind information for your current location
- Shows you the perceived temperature
- Easily set up and swipe between different locations
- Simple to use widget - Multiple weather locations - Celsius & Fahrenheit

Australia's favourite weather app, Weatherzone, gives you access to detailed observations, 7 Day forecasts, rain radar, BOM warnings and much more

How to download Weather Widget Lite - 2019 APK at

♦♦♦ Weather Forecast & Widgets provide current day and future weather info with beautiful widget.Best Weather Forecast of US America,Brazil and India ♦♦♦

Weather Forecast & Widgets provides current, daily and weekly forecasts with beautiful screen weather widgets for not only Pakistan but for other countries of the world also. The elegant and full-featured with accurate current and 5 days weather forecasts with clock on screen widget. One of the most accurate, dynamic and quick local weather forecast application provides detailed information for all cities worldwide. Find weather report of your current location easily with one tap on your device.
Weather Forecast & Widgets is a forecasting application accurately predicts the state of the atmosphere for a future time and a given location. These weather forecasts are made by collecting quantitative data about the current state of that desired location. You can find the precise weather conditions like sunny, cloudy, cold, hot, hail, snow etc… for today weather, also for next week’s 5 days forecasts.
★ Weather:-

➤ Weather Forecast & Widgets provides weather information (temperature, general conditions of the day) and local time are shown on the widget
➤ Distinctive weather icon packs available to be applied to this clock weather widget
➤ Weather Forecast & Widgets data sources from Open Weather Map
➤ Weather Forecast & Widgets contain Automatic location detection and manual location addition are both available.
➤ Weather Forecast & Widgets Provides world weather from weather network with just change locations, so you can get weather info of any city in the world
➤ Weather Forecast & Widgets Automatic update with interval of 3 hours and one day
➤Weather Forecast & Widgets Conduct a series of operations: Fahrenheit and Celsius for you to choose, setting clock, calendar, location, widget and reading detailed report.
➤ Get a detailed report of current location, current low/high temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure, dew point, 3 hours weather forecast, 5 and 7 days weather forecasts, and UV index with north direction on

★ Weather Widget:-
Weather Forecast & Widgets provide detail weather forecast report of current location, current forecast conditions, current low/high temperature, date, wind speed, humidity, and next 5 days weather forecasts with north direction on screen widget.

★ Weather Forecast & Widgets Provide Main Forecast Conditions-
Clear, Snow, Ice, Rain, Wind, Cloudy, Overcast, Hot, Cloudy, Sunny, Hail, Shower, Drizzle, Fog, Dust, Storms and probability of thunderstorms etc...

★ Unique Features:-
➤ Easy User Interface
➤ App Default is Weather NYC
➤ Refresh for current weather updates

➤ Rate Us on Google Play

How to install Sun & Moon Finder AR APK at

Sun & Moon Finder AR is app specifically designed to locate the positions of Sun & Moon on sky. It is Augmented Reality (AR) app. You can track the positions from indoor and outdoor.
This app also provides the accurate Azimuth & Altitude/Elevation readings of sun/Moon.
It is best app recommended for tracking Moon in month of Ramadan or Eid. Sun & Moon Finder AR takes the mystery out of the sunrise, sunset and magic hours, helping photographers and filmmakers scout the best locations, plan effectively, and get the perfect shot. Solar Industry (PV) Professionals, architects, real estate agents, and gardeners will also find a wealth of empowering, interactive features. Astronomy ephemeris app for calculating high precision ephemeris and positions of Sun, Moon and the Planets for engaged amateur astronomers and planetary observers, preferring data and facts instead of pretty picture-apps. Sun & Moon Finder AR finds rise, culmination and set times, the beginning of seasons, lunar phases and planetary aspects. 

sun sentinel the planetarium sun and moon solstice mobile farmers almanac free solstice app sun tracker almanaque popular ar 3d solar system henning poulsen solar eclipses solar eclipse solar eclipse camera the planetarium equinox gym sun trust sun sentinel equinox apps equinox app sun tracker solar and lunar eclipses henning poulsen thundercloud the thundercloud sun and moon tracker moon phases moon calendar moon phase today moon phase calendar lunar calendar moon cycle moon today current moon phase moon phase tonight moon tonight full moon calendar moon rise today moonrise lunar cycle moon phases 2016 moonrise tonight moon rise time moon cycle today moon rise time today first quarter moon lunar phases lunar phase calendar full moon schedule moon rise and set moon cycle calendar moon chart is today a full moon position moonrise 2016 moon phases names lunar calendar today moon time today waxing moon calculator full moon dates new moon calendar moon location moon phases in order current moon position today waning moon tracker moon schedule moon cycle 2016 moon face lunar cycle today moon shapes lunar phase today stages of the moon sunrise sunset magazine luna susris sun trust surveyor milky way milky way helios sun position calculator surveyer surveyor lite sun track moon sun and moon sun seekers lumos sun tracker sun trust sun sentinel shuttle tracker moon shadow sun tracker zuzana eskinasi wiccan moon phase pagan calendar lunar calendar sun and moon deluxe moon full moon sun track Chinese lunar calendar sun trust moon phase moon phase moon phases calendar moon phases full moon topography free pro compass geocache free speed weather free geocaching free roadmap lite compass pro a compass rise up and recover the elks erotic photo hunt eshine app shine app twilight app twilight light shine a light sun and moon sunrise app rise and shine guía brújula helios sun position calculator sun tracker surveyor app surveyor assistant surveyor lite Adam ratana sol lewitt sun compass sun surveyor lite rise prediction kayak mobile mayak mobile kayaking kayak angler magazine tide app solunar the predictor predictions tide table solunar table sun and moon tide charts tide chart.

How to Use:
- Open the app and choose sun/moon.
- If green mark displaying Altitude is above 0 degrees, point your device upwards towards sky.
- If green mark displaying Altitude is below 0 degrees, point your device downwards towards floor.
- Move your device from left to right until direction arrows disappear.
- Adjust the courser to match the green mark, until container appears.
- Once the container has appeared and matched the right Azimuth and Altitude, it will display 'Located!' message on screen.
- You have successfully located Sun/Moon on sky.

Download elements for asteroids and comets from the internet.
Supports GPS localization.

How to download FEMA APK at

The FEMA app is your one-stop-shop with tools and tips to keep you safe before, during, and after disasters. Stay updated with weather-related alerts from the U.S. National Weather Service. Upload and share your disaster photos to help out emergency managers with Disaster Reporter. Save a custom list of the items in your family’s emergency kit, as well as the places you will meet in case of an emergency. Get tips on what to do before, during, and after over 20 types of disasters. And locate open shelters and where to talk to FEMA in person at Disaster Recovery Centers. Terms of use:

How to download Hurricane - American Red Cross APK at

Be ready for severe weather with Hurricane by American Red Cross. Monitor conditions in your area or throughout the storm track, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe – a must have for anyone who lives in an area where a hurricane may strike or has loved ones who do.

• Free and available in English and Spanish.
• Step-by-step instructions let you know what to do even before/during/after the storm, even if no data connectivity.
• Track the path of a hurricane with our interactive storm tracker displaying where the app has been and where it’s predicted to go.
• Monitor, hurricane, flood & tornado-related weather conditions in your area or those of loved-ones with various map layers and location-based notifications for the U.S. and its territories.
• Customizable alerting and push notification options.
• Easy to view alert feed with the ability to remove alerts.
• Let family and friends know you are okay with the customizable “I’m Safe” alert for Facebook, Twitter, email and text.
• Find open Red Cross shelters in your area when you need help.
• Stay safe when the lights are out with the Hurricane Toolkit, including a strobe light, flashlight and audible alert functions.
• Prepare for the worst by learning how to assemble an emergency kit for your family in the event of power outage or evacuation.
• Empower your family to stay safe and remain calm in an emergency by learning how to make and practice an emergency plan.
• Earn badges that you can share with your friends and show off your hurricane knowledge with interactive quizzes.
• See an illustrated history of hurricanes in your area.
• Learn the difference between a hurricane warning and watch.
• Know how to what to do about food and drinking water when your area has been impacted by floods and power outages.

Privacy policy:

Copyright © 2012-2014 The American National Red Cross

How to install Tornado - American Red Cross APK at

Get your family and home ready for a tornado. The American Red Cross tornado app is the complete solution you need to understand and prepare for a tornado and all that comes with it. With interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to be ready!

Ahora disponible en español.

• Easy to use Spanish language toggle to switch translation directly inside the app.
• Audible siren when NOAA issues a Tornado warning for any of your monitored locations letting you know when it’s time to go to your safe room plus an all-clear alert when the warning expires (Note: Alerts' sounds will NOT override if phone is on vibrate or in sleep mode)
• Simple step-by-step instructions to help you know what-to-do even if the cell towers and TVs are down. Prioritized actions for before, during, and after requires no mobile connectivity
• Help distant friends and family in tornado alley with ability to receive tornado watch and warning alerts based on their location from NOAA
• Red Cross location-based open shelters map for when you need it most
• Be ready should a tornado hit by learning how to assemble an emergency kit for your family in the event of power outage or evacuation
• Reduce your household’s stress and anxiety should a tornado hit by learning to make and practice an emergency plan
• Interactive quizzes allow you to earn badges that you can share with your friends and show off your tornado knowledge
• Know how many tornadoes have occurred in your area
• Know the difference between a watch and a warning
• Learn how to deal with food and water impacted by floods and power outages
• Simply let friends/family know you’re safe with customizable “I’m Safe” notification sharable thru social media, text and email
• Let others know where you are with the Toolkit’s strobe light, flashlight and audible alert functions

Privacy policy:

Copyright © 2013-2014 The American National Red Cross

How to download New weather 2018 free APK at

Application Weather is a good and distinctive application, providing weather and meteorological forecasts to all countries of the world
Weather temperature, sunrise and sunset in all countries of the world.

The weather app has a lot of features:
 Free. It's a world weather channel.
  You can see the weather in places you want, for example London Weather, Weather Paris, Weather Amsterdam, Weather Brussels, Weather Berlin, Weather Milanawa
 Update information for free weather forecast every day and every minute, every week.

Application Weather is a good application characterized by weather, winter, bicycle temperature, climate, sun, wind, clog, telegraph cooler
You can monitor the weather anywhere in London, Paris, Italy, France, Brussels, Berlin, Milanawa, India
You have weather
Exchange information and transmit meteorology, climate, and location information with friends world.
 See weather forecasts in most parts of the world in your phone.
You have to carry this application and monitor the weather in all the world.
If you like the app for unforgettable check our 5 stars.

How to install NTV Hava Tablet APK at

Türkiye’nin öncü markası NTV’den yepyeni bir uygulama: NTV Hava, artık Android tabletlerde!

NTV hava uygulamasında tüm şehirlerin hava durumunu detaylı inceleyebilir, Türkiye için deniz suyu sıcaklıkları ve kar kalınlıklarını görüntüleyebilirsiniz.
Merkez şehirlerle ilgili yaşam bilgilerine ulaşarak, gününüzü havaya göre planlayabilirsiniz.

Android application for NTV Hava.

How to install NTV Hava APK at

Türkiye’nin öncü markası NTV’den yepyeni bir uygulama: NTV Hava!

NTV Hava uygulamasında tüm şehirlerin hava durumunu detaylı inceleyebilir, Türkiye için deniz suyu sıcaklıkları ve kar kalınlıklarını görüntüleyebilirsiniz.
Merkez şehirlerle ilgili yaşam bilgilerine ulaşarak, gününüzü havaya göre planlayabilirsiniz.

How to download Daily Weather Forecast App For Android APK at

Easy and fast to get the latest weather conditions for any location!

+ Detect your location and display the latest weather conditions.
+ Change and track the weather conditions in multiple locations.
+ Enter the city name or choose the location on the map to get weather information.
+ Display accurate information such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, ...
+ This is one of the most lightweight weather apps for Android!
+ Very fast, simple and easy to use!

Please leave your comment and review if you like this app, it will help us so much in improving and enhancing the quality of products in the next version!
Thanks you very much!