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How to install Jelly Jam Blast - King of Match 3 Puzzle Games APK at

Jelly Jam Blast - King of Match 3 Puzzle Games

Jelly Jam Blast is a a candy jelly bean match 3 puzzle game where you can match and collect candies in this amazingly delicious adventure, guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth!

A new candy quest flavor of Match-3 game from the makers of hit apps Jelly Jam Match candies to collect them, and sweeten the value of neighboring candies. You may easy to learn but challenging to master in the candy blast mania!

The Gummy Bear King and his candied cronies are looking to spoil the Candy Kingdom. Will you and your friends stop the gummied grouch before it’s too late?

Jelly Jam Blast FEATURES:

The Jelly Jam Blast Kingdom is in danger!
- Travel through candy adventure, cookie canyons, jawbreaker glaciers and more as you continue your saga to save your kingdom
- This journey takes you through a whole new world of fantastic flavors, including Cake Canyon, the Forest of Fudge, and more!

Find big matches to create Sweet candy booms for explosive combos and big bonuses!
- Match 4 or more candies to create Sweet Spots and blast your way to victory
- Pop all the candies of one color, blast the board in all directions, and more!

Battle the tyrannical Gummy Bear King in the exciting Battle Mode.
- Stun the evil King with big matches before he Goops up your candies!
- Crush the evil Gummy Bear King in crazy puzzle battles!
- Match candies to create big combos and stun the King to switch the tide of battle

Play through over 550 levels of candy collecting craziness!
- Stock up on Lemon Drops, Jelly Beans and gummies that look good enough to eat!
- Match at least three pieces of candy to pop them and add them to your collection
- Collect all the candies of a certain color to win!
- Collect candy bomb to help with the tough situation

Earn boosts like the Candy Wand or Candy Scoop in the Candy Shop
- In a jam? Use mouthwatering Boosts like the Candy Wand to pop candies and clear the way!
- Recharge your Boosts for FREE!

Compete against your Facebook friends!
- Fight your friends for the top score in every level!
- Sync up with Facebook and battle for sweet, sweet victory across the Candy Kingdom!

✔ Candy Legend: popcorn collect & crush sweet biscuit cookies in a 9-cell region
✔ Candy Fever: get & jam all sugar cookies jelly on the column or row
✔ Jelly juice: add 5 seconds to the sugar puzzle
✔ Jelly Pop: get & jam all yummy food have same color
✔ Candy yum: use the yum to crush delicious food
✔ Candy tasty: double score you get in 10 seconds
✔ In tasty bakery you can use strawberry to buy Jelly Boom, jelly hero, candy dash

FREE to play with FREE updates including new levels, obstacles, candies, and more every week!

Download Jelly Jam Blast and start your sweet saga today!

How to install Cupets APK at

Bring Cupets to Life!

12 cute and quirky ‘cube shaped pets’ to collect. Cupets come to life on your smart device in conjunction with the FREE app, each with their own personality and ability. Play fun games and enter Cupets World for an exciting adventure! Nurture your Cupet, feed, bath and care for your pet.

Includes one FREE downloadable virtual pet to get you started.

Youtube teaser

Play with your pet
Train your pet to keep them healthy
Tickle your pet to keep them happy
Feed your pet…but be careful Cupets eat a lot and they might get fat
Keep your pet clean with the soap
Use medicines and potions to keep you pet fighting fit
Dress your pet up in hundreds of different outfits and accessories
Take pictures of your pet to share with friends on Facebook and Twitter

Augmented Reality
Look after your pet in augmented reality by using your smart device camera and the QR code supplied.
Take pictures of your pet in exciting places like on holiday or at school with you

Collect coins to help you look after your Cupet in a collection of exciting mini games
Cupets World is a constant runner platform game with a number of stunning zones. Avoid the obstacles and collect the bonuses to complete the levels.
Remember, your Cupets need to be fit and healthy to perform well in the games for you.

Please visit us at:

How to download XP Booster Super Fruit Family APK at


With XP Booster Super Fruit Family you can earn experience points and track them from the Play Games app.

When you get in-game achievements, you can earn experience points (XP) and levels on your Play Games profile.

These are XP Booster Super Fruit Family as follows :

★ 1 click - 500 XP
★ 10 clicks - 500 XP
★ 50 clicks - 500 XP
★ 100 clicks - 500 XP
★ 250 clicks - 500 XP
★ 500 clicks - 1,000 XP
★ 750 clicks - 1,000 XP
★ 1000 clicks - 1,500 XP
★ 2000 clicks - 2,000 XP
★ 3000 clicks - 2,500 XP
★ 5000 clicks - 4,000 XP
★ 10000 clicks - 5,000 XP
★ 12000 clicks - 10,000 XP
★ 14000 clicks - 10,000 XP
★ 15000 clicks - 10,000 XP
★ 16000 clicks - 10,000 XP
★ 17000 clicks - 10,000 XP
★ 18000 clicks - 10,000 XP
★ 19000 clicks - 10,000 XP
★ 20000 clicks - 10,000 XP

How to install Fake Call Maker : Call & SMS APK at

Many time you face the situation from where you want to come out or you feel uncomfortable among some people. To avoid this situation we have a fake call maker app.

What you need to do is :

• First, you have to select a caller name and number.
• Select a picture which you want to appear when you will get a call from a selected number.
• Select user voice from gallery Or record it instantly.
• Select calling tone else you will get default ringtone.
• Select calling time with predefined time or select the manual time with time picker.
• Now schedule the call and get out of awkward situations.

You can send fake sms to yourself too with the help of this app.

How to install Photo Magazine Frames APK at

Photo Magazine Frame is the way to put you on the cover page of a magazine. Let’s make a prank with your friends that you are on magazine cover. This application provides many colorful magazine cover page style frames.

How to use :

- Select a magazine frame.
- Select a picture from the Gallery or take a new picture using a mobile camera.
- You can create multiple types of magazine covers like old magazines or retro magazines by applying our amazing filter effects.
- Be a celebrity by putting yourself on top of a magazine.
- Share your magazine cover on social networks.

How to download Man's Hair Changer : HairStyle APK at

An Amazing App with different types of hair styles for man. Now you can change the Hair Style of your desired picture with this app. We have different categories of the hair style in this app.Features :* Take image from gallery or by camera of your mobile device.
* You can check the hair style that is best suit for the face.
* You can crop the size of hair and re-size it which is exactly fit on your Photo face.
* It has wide range of hair styles for men.
* You can share your edited photo on social sites with this.

How to install Dolphin Autofill by Fillr APK at

Filling out forms on your mobile is painful. Fillr for Dolphin is the world’s most accurate and intelligent autofill.
No more pinching and zooming, Fillr is fast and simple, helping you fill out forms at the tap of a button. With Fillr your profile data is securely PIN protected and only ever stored locally on your device, fully encrypted within the Fillr app.
Why would you download this app? Because you are tired of filling stuff out on your phone or tablet and you want a solution that’s both accurate and secure!
Think about it… transacting on a mobile device means small screens, tiny keyboards, navigating from field to field only to click on the wrong area and end up on another site... Not with Fillr! Fillr standardizes any mobile form into a format you can easily read and securely fill at the tap of a button.
We’ve also spent the time mapping millions of forms on the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms and biggest brands meaning uncanny accuracy is our starting point! Oh and if we get a form wrong… let us know… we will fix it to be perfect for the next time you visit!
As you fill out forms using Fillr your profile grows with you, making filling out forms in the future a breeze.
Filling out forms on your mobile with small screens and tiny keyboards is slow and tedious. Fillr protects you by always requesting a PIN and then completes mobile web forms instantly. Spend less time booking your holiday and more time enjoying it!
We cannot access your data. It is PIN protected and stored locally on your mobile device, out of the cloud, using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.
You have multiple addresses, emails and credit cards. Fillr allows you to choose the right info at the right time to fill forms with accuracy.
When filling out forms, your info can be hard to remember or inaccessible. Your details are stored out of the cloud and only within your Fillr app, ready to use whenever you want.
If you hit a form that Fillr doesn’t fill correctly simply let us know and we will fix it for the next time you visit!

How to install Dolphin Reader for Android APK at

Dolphin Reader for Android will help you customize your online reading experience with only one tap, so you can really enjoy your favorite news websites (like CNN, Guardian, Spiegel, Globo, etc.) or other text sources.

✔ Customize your reading experience – Just tap a Reader icon in the address bar and Dolphin Reader will provide you with the best online reading experience!
✔ Remove unwanted content from the webpage – Read only pure text!
✔ Change text size – Don’t strain your eyes trying to read ridiculously small text, easily customize it with Dolphin Reader!
✔ Share with friends – Share favorite articles with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.;
✔ Easy access from Dolphin Browser.

How to use Dolphin Reader for Android
- Open a webpage with textual content (for example an article in a news website, like CNN, Guardian, Spiegel, Globo, etc.);
- Tap the Reader Icon, which will appear in the address bar of the browser;
- Customize the text of the webpage (if you want) and enjoy your reading!
NOTE:Your Dolphin Browser version must be 11.5.6 and over.

Dolphin Reader is one of the most unique & free apps developed by the Dolphin Browser Team. You can use it like an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser, the best mobile browser with extensive Flash support, Private Mode and the most customizable browsing experience on the market. We have already reached over 150 Million downloads on Android and iOS worldwide and are very happy to receive constructive feedback from you every day. To get more Dolphin Add-ons please visit:

❤ We love hearing from you. Contact us at [email protected] and rate us today!

How to download Evernote for Dolphin APK at

Allows you to quickly clip the content from any website and upload directly to your Evernote account. Stay productive by keeping the full webpage content you want to refer to later in the cloud.

Evernote for Dolphin is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser.
Just search Dolphin Browser in Android Market or download here:

Bookmarks Widget is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons, visit:

Have questions, feedback, or suggestions? Join the Dolphin community on: